the Swiss shooting coach

Marco Schnyder

Marco worked for several years as an assistant manager at a security company. As a licensed weapons carrier, Marco carried out, among other things, personal protection and cash-in-transit orders. In 2003 Marco opened his first Krav Maga school in Zurich. In 2004, 2protect GmbH was founded , which is dedicated exclusively to security training. My military career began with the Panzergrenadiers. As an officer (Oblt) I was able to gain a lot of experience in the Flhf Rgt 4 alarm formation.

Since 2018, Marco has been selling Mantis products via the webshop

Further training:

  • Safety Officer (SO) IDPA
  • Chief Safety Officer (CSO) IDPA
  • Safety Officer Instructor (SOI) IDPA
  • Tactical Emergency Medical Concept Course (2018, 2017)
  • Shooting courses at (Deftac Training, Huntac, Infinity Tactics)
  • Instructor with federal certificate (SVEB II)
  • Sport Mental Coach Certificate

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