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Differences loading bench course vs. pistol Module 1 - Introduction

I offer two pistol courses for beginners. On the one hand there is the pistol shooting from the loading bench and on the other hand the module 1 - introduction.

The pistol shooting course from the loading bench for beginners who have little or no knowledge of pistol shooting. In the first part I will explain how a pistol is constructed, the different trigger systems there are, the differences between pistol and revolver calibers and how the pistol works. In the legal part, I explain how you can purchase a pistol, what you have to consider when transporting it or storing it at home.

The second part gets practical. Step by step, I will show you how to pick up a pistol, how to hand it to another person, how to check its status, how to load and also unload it. Once you've mastered these steps to some extent, you can practice these skills in live, real shooting.

The Pistol Module 1 – Introduction course has the same theoretical structure as the loading bench course. The big difference is that you wear a pistol holster on your belt and you "keep" the pistol in it and not on the loading bench or table like in the loading bench course. There are other manipulations in the live shot: changing the magazine and reloading.

In principle, you can join both courses. However, it is important that if you decide to take the loading bank course and you want to continue with the modules, you must attend module 1 so that you can register for module 2.

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