On the way to becoming a professional shooter!

Become a professional with our safe shooting courses in the Aargau, Bern and Zurich region. Our training courses for pistols, revolvers, carbines and semi-automatic rifles are suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

The 4 safety rules

Thought Discipline

All weapons are always to be treated as loaded!

Muzzle Discipline

Never point a gun at something you don't want to hit!

Finger Discipline

As long as the sight is not aimed at the target, the trigger finger must be above the trigger guard!


Be sure of your goal and what's behind it!

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Marco Schnyder
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Marco Schnyder

Your marksman coach

Marco is an experienced security professional who has worked as an assistant manager at a security company for several years. As a licensed firearms carrier, he has carried out personal protection and cash transport assignments. Marco also has a military career and regularly attends shooting courses at home and abroad. In December 2023 he successfully completed the 380th shooting course!

Let his expertise and experience guide you and become a shooting professional !

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Participant Feedback

"The pistol shooting course from the loading bank is well organized and the content is perfectly selected, for us it was a success and an exciting experience! Marco does a great job, thank you very much for that. We learned a lot in 3 hours and maybe discovered a new hobby . Greetings and thank you."
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Pistol shooting from the loading bench
"I was able to complete the HDR course in a professional environment where the word safety is very important. Marco dealt with every participant patiently and in a goal-oriented manner. I was able to take a lot with me and learn a lot. The course is well thought out and structured and also suitable for beginners. Thanks Marco."
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Home Defense Course (HDP)
"Many thanks, Marco! The course was great, exciting program, great camaraderie. I learned a lot and the subsequent match was a perfect conclusion. I can recommend Marco's courses without reservation: exciting, well structured, suitable for different levels, zero Tolerance when it comes to safety and yet there is still plenty of fun."
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3-day intensive course in Italy